God’s People United Through Love

We are Shoal Creek Baptist Church. The Church is more than the building. The Church is the people. We don’t “do” church… we “are” the church. We are a people of great diversity who have found our unity in Jesus, the Christ, who is the Lord and Head of the Church. We are part of the larger body of believers worldwide that is called “The Church.” We are proud of our Christian heritage, yet never staying rooted in the past. We are always looking toward a better and brighter future as God’s people.
Our goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus, found in Matthew Chapter 28, verses 16-20, is our calling and our mission to each other and to the world. We take this command very seriously. We believe that disciple is more than a believer. A disciple of Christ seeks to imitate Christ in all aspects of life: family, job, school, society. Therefore, everything that we do has as a goal “the making of disciples,” because we want a difference for God in the world

At Shoal Creek Baptist Church, the goal of making disciples is reached through the simple practices of

1) Loving God

2) Loving each other and

3) Loving the world.

Being Church ought to be simple. What can be more basic than love? We practice “loving God” through God-centered worship that connects us to God. We practice “loving each other” through Sunday School, small groups, and fellowship opportunities, always helping each other to grow spiritually. We practice “loving the world” through our Sunday School and small groups by reaching out to the community as an extension of God’s love and grace.

Church Staff

Reverend Steve Jamison – Pastor

Our pastor is the Reverend Steve Jamison, a native of Sylva, NC who has lived in Jackson County most of his life. He is a graduate of Gardner-Webb University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies. Pastor Steve  has served as Pastor of churches in Swain, Jackson, and Rutherford Counties. He is now serving in his 10th year at Shoal Creek. Steve is married to Kimberly Taylor Jamison and are the proud parents of two children, Stephanie and Taylor.

Bobbie Henderson – Pianist / Organist

Our Church Musician is Mrs. Bobbie Henderson. She has been a member of Shoal Creek since her youth, and is a retired educator. Her husband’s name is Ronnie Henderson, and they live in Whittier, NC.

Traci Clark – Choir Director

Traci Clark is our church Choir Director. Traci lives in Whittier, NC.

Raymond Grant – Custodian and Groundskeeper

Our Building and Grounds manager is Raymond Grant. Raymond and his wife Fannie Mae live in Whittier, NC.

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